You will find a full range of the best brands of freestyle and freeride snowboards at Intersport Tignes Val Claret Centre, because we think that you should have a choice of quality equipment adapted to the kind of snowboarding you do.


We therefore have snowboards for riding on the pistes and versatile snowboards adapted to different types of terrain (pistes, moguls, off-piste), as well as freestyle and freeride snowboards.


Don’t worry if you don’t know what type of board to choose, our sales advisors are there to help you. First of all, take a look at our advice for choosing your board and find the characteristics of the two types of boards that we stock!

Our range of snowboards consists of different models:


Freeride snowboards: for beginners!

The versatility of this type of board makes it perfect for beginners. Indeed, freeride snowboards make it easy to learn. They are well adapted to all type of runs and snow conditions.
The boards are short, wide and stable. They only have one tip at the front making it easier to surf on fresh snow.
If you want recommendations on what equipment to choose, our advisors, who are all experienced snowboarders, are at your service!

Freestyle snowboards: for anyone who is addicted to jumps!

If you love doing 360°s, acrobatics and jumps, freestyle snowboards are made for you. The boards are usually wider, shorter and symmetrical with twin tips, flexible and light, therefore more stable on landing jumps.
For this type of snowboard, we recommend that you use soft boots with soft bindings.
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