The principle of rent-to-buy is very simple. If you want to buy ski equipment or a new snowboard, but you’re hesitating between several models, Intersport Tignes Val Claret Centre offers a ‘rent-to-buy’ system where you try out the new equipment before buying without making any commitment.

You have two possibilities:

  • If you like the new equipment, you buy it after trying it and we don’t charge you for the rental.
  • If you do not like the equipment, you just pay for the day’s rental.

Rent to buy

With our “rent-to-buy” formula, you benefit from all the advice our sales team and ski technicians can offer. What is more, testing the equipment before you buy avoids any unpleasant surprises and confirms your choice of skis or snowboards.

Rent-to-buy = no unpleasant surprises!

Ask our mountain sales team about our rent-to-buy formula.