Intersport Tignes Val Claret Centre’s workshop is very modern and uses cutting-edge technology, including a technological revolution in ski maintenance in the form of the Montana SAPHIR 2 WAX PRO. Only two of these machines are currently in operation in the world: one in the USA and the other in Intersport Tignes Val Claret Centre!

The equipment

It is our very great pleasure to invite you to come and watch your skis being prepared! It is an experience not to be missed as it is the first time that you will be able to watch your skis being waxed and see the different steps of the preparation process…

With a wider grindstone, the Montana SAPHIR 2 WAX PRO is the ideal machine for both ski and snowboard preparation. It recognizes the length of your skis automatically and adapts accordingly using the PowerVac suction system which controls the skis with total precision while sanding.

The Montana SAPHIR 2 WAX PRO machine also has a CRYSTAL waxing unit installed which automatically dries the ski. All the different steps of the process, such as grinding, edge sharpening, tuning, waxing and polishing can be carried out using the GLIDE FINISH.


Advantages for skiers and snowboarders:

  • Optimum sensations when skiing or snowboarding
  • Guaranteed carving effect
  • Improved level of safety
  • Ideal ski control quality


Summary of the technological elements of the Montana SAPHIR 2 WAX PRO:

  • PowerVac system to vacuum all the surfaces of the ski (even the most difficult)
  • Automatic recognition of the length of the skis when positioning the Vacuums
  • Automatic grinding of skis or snowboard with pressure curves
  • Grinding of both sides of the lateral edges with High Tech Tuning (HTT) pressure curves on the lower side of the edges
  • Radial Tuning
  • Computerized mode, with speed curves, to structure competition skis
  • Integrated remote maintenance
  • Automatic filter system
  • Highly efficient and space saving


Source : See Montana’s technical sheet