It was right in the heart of the Espace Killy ski area, in Savoy, that Tignes developed several decades ago. Located at over 2000m, Tignes is Europe’s highest municipality and when you arrive by car, it is with a real feeling of wonder that you discover the resort after driving past its famous Chevril dam.

The landscape is magnificent in both winter and summer since the resort nestles among high peaks  rising up to 3,456 m which give the impression of having reached the top of the world

Tignes the resort

The resort of Tignes is divided into several villages:

  • Tignes Le Vieux (the village that was submerged when the dam was built),
  • Tignes Val Claret (2127 m),
  • Tignes Le Lac (2100 m),
  • Tignes Le Lavachet (2100 m),
  • Tignes Les Boisses (1850 m),
  • Tignes Les Brévières (1550 m),
  • La Reculaz (1850 m),
  • Le Franchet (1922 m),
  • Le Villaret du Nial (1800 m),
  • Le Chevril (1800 m) et
  • Le Villaret des Brévières.


Tignes is a sporty resort that will delight the most energetic visitors, the sports lovers, the young and all those who love wide-open spaces. It offers a wide variety of activities that will keep everyone happy, from the youngest to the oldest!


It is also a very lively resort in both winter and summer and it is very efficiently promoted, offering numerous world-famous events throughout the year (Winter X Games Europe, Tignes Winter Madness…).


Tignes is also the resort that has produced the best-known athletes: Guerlain Chicherit, Xavier Bertoni, Méryll Boulangeat and Julien Lange… not forgetting that it is also THE location for the top-level sports teams’ training sessions.